Sonic Matters

Sonic Matters, a group from Barcelona (Spain) that plays songs in Italian, presents its first vocal jazz album, entirely made up of original songs.
As in a puzzle, different elements fit together in this project, reflecting the artistic concerns of the author (Matteo Sacilotto, the guitarist of the group): from the fascination for the songs of Italian and Spanish songwriters, to the sound of jazz, in its thousand facets.
The lyrics explore everyday life with a language that prefers the evocation of images and that leaves the listeners the opportunity to interpret and identify themselves according to their own life experiences.
The project is especially suitable for being proposed in a concert format because, starting from more intimate songs, it leads the listener to more light-hearted atmospheres where the audience can let themselves go, singing and dancing.
The brilliant and sinuous voice of Sabina Witt, an Argentine singer who tries her hand at the Italian language for the first time, is perfectly complemented by the warm and enveloping sound of Matteo Sacilotto’s guitar.Xavi Plaza’s warm saxophone interprets the songs improvising in a melodic and creative way.
The rhythm section is made up of first-rate musicians: Santi Colomer on drums and Manel Fortià on double bass provide a solid, lively and effective support.

Sabina Witt, voice
Matteo Sacilotto, guitar and composition
Xavi Plaza, sax
Manel Fortià, upright bass
Santi Colomer, drums